Geisha #2

Seeing double?

Geisha #2 is unintentionally, two Geisha. The same one - just split in half. As my random word prompts were, Mirror and Contrast. The mirror element created duplicates. Using colours for my contrast: orange and blue. Sunset over a body of water, immediately came to mind.

Normally I prefer to use more neutral colours, but Inktense pencils and blocks, are hardly subtle. Because they're based on the vibrant pigments of ink. I haven't used mine for a while, but they were handy in this case. I enjoyed sitting at my drawing table, quietly colouring.

Sunshine on my shoulder, makes me hap-py

I mirrored the sunset in the Geisha's black hair. I don't know how a picture will go, until I'm doing it. With no reference for a sunset falling on their forms, I had to imagine one. The trick was to pick up the colours from the sunset, reflecting on the water, and use it on them.

So much of this, was inspired from the word prompts. As I found myself practically mirroring, everything!

Drifting away

The floating lantern, was a last minute, addition. I needed something to break-up the expanse of water, with a large gap between them both. It was easy enough to draw one, on a separate piece of paper - colour, then finally paste it in place. Before making it permanent, I moved it around to see where it would best sit. I even toyed with putting another, a little more into the distance. But in the end, felt it would compete with the two forms too much.

Anyway, my next two word prompts, are: Red and Expressionism! If you're familiar with Edvard Munch's, "The Scream", then you've seen Expressionism.

Until tomorrow....


  1. Love this version, the colours are beautiful. I am so jealous of anyone who can make beautiful art, I can't, but then again I can make other things.

    1. Thank you. :) And you really do wonderful things with yarn. You're a machine with the needles/hooks. Looking forward to seeing your knitted friends, when you get to it.


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