Geisha #3

Hey Mickey

I'm a little behind in updating my blog. Still making daily Geisha's. This time the word prompts were, Disney and Journal. A tricky combination. I eventually settled on a sketchbook journal page, of a trip to Disneyland, Tokyo. It seemed appropriate.

Originally, I was going to settle for just the Mickey ears. Google revealed however, all Japanese women, donning the Mickey ears, were also wearing a bow: aka, Minnie Mouse style. So we stuck with tradition.

Imaginary day at Disney!

I printed a vintage ticket to Disneyland, Tokyo, as her souvenir for the day too. And of course, had to draw a picture of the Mickey McMansion, out front. I guess it helps create the Disney experience, but found it to be all rather kitsch. That's the nature of doing a challenge though - persevering through the ups and downs.

Next word prompts are; Purple and Bridge. Until next time...


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    1. Thank you for commenting Frisca. I have to update more incarnations. There are several more.


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