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Once upon a time, I created an art blog, called Make-do-studio. It's the kind of blog you start, when first finding your way as an artist. I enjoyed my beginnings there. But like all first homes, you inevitably outgrow them. I now have a devoted space for my studio, and what better namesake than the property we've lived, since 2017.

This new chapter, is where I set challenges for myself, and develop a cohesive body of work. Many fun and meaningful ideas, to explore. Let's jump right in with my Geisha Gauntlet! I'm not sure if I'll be running the gauntlet, or throwing it down. Either way, it's going to be intense.

It's about a Geisha. A special one, created back in 2018. It was part of a course, designed to make your art, more abstract. While I loved my Geisha, it's not what I imagined "abstract" to be. The thing about art is, you can always remake it. This is what the Geisha challenge, is all about.

Setting up

Let's see how many different ways, I can make this Geisha. I've printed a couple of sizes to help transfer them to art paper. The middle one, is going to be my only reference for values (shading). Then my imagination will have to do the rest!

In case I get stuck for ideas though, I have a list of prompts. Two words will be drawn from a container, at random. I'll use just one, or both words, for inspiration. There are colour prompts in the list, Japanese themes, art movements, nature and animal themes too. Lastly, some random words, like; John Lennon Glasses, Yarn and Paper Plates.

I'll kick-off the Geisha Gauntlet, this month. So stay tuned. If you wish to be emailed automatically, click Follow, in the main menu, or Subscribe under the blog title - and I'll see you with my next Geisha incarnation!


  1. Wow, was not sure what to expect, but looks as if you are going to have fun.

    1. Thanks for dropping a comment MJ to let me know you're there! Fun and exploration is what it's all about. :)

  2. What an interesting challenge. The list of prompts is an excellent idea---exploring possibilities. I like that you made an individual blog for it. Organizing topics like that is always useful, I think, and is why I have so many blogs! Good choice of blog title too.

    1. Thanks for joining me here, Leigh. The multiple blog syndrome, lol. Yep. Guilty! But It does make for better organisation, as you say. Feel free to use the word prompts, if you ever get stuck for ideas on your Haiku challenge. Just select ones that cover what you're interested in, or be completely random!


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