Geisha #4

February 2020

Early in the year (before the pandemic broke) I had a few more Geisha to share. Here I am in July, and finally able to do so! The two prompt-words were: Red, and Expressionism. I probably didn't do the Art movement, any justice, because my Expressionism was very subtle. It was about covering-up the Geisha, as opposed to seeing her identity. 

Effectively, she became the anti-Geisha. When every Geisha, are made to be seen.

What's under the hood?

Materials used were acrylic paint, and I quiet enjoyed layering it thickly - then scratching into it, with the end of my brush. It was meant to be rough and unrefined, which is quite the opposite of Geisha. It was fun to make, even if it doesn't look like, or convey, Geisha much.

At this point though, I was feeling a little disenchanted with the prompt words. Did the magic of their spontaneity, wear off - or was I just ready to venture on my own? One more Geisha would be inspired by prompt words though, which I'll share tomorrow.


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