Geisha #6

March 2020

I'm going to start with a close-up view, since it conveys better in the thumbnail. Full view is at the end. This picture was also completed, pre-pandemic, and reminds me of the calm phase I was exploring with my Geisha. Because I threw away the shackles of word prompts, and just got creative instead.

There's a difference between conveying a likeness, and conveying what you're feeling in the process. Of the six pictures I had created to date, this one had the least struggle. Like we suddenly got on the same page as each other, and her image came from a place other than "just" a likeness.

With parasol

It also helped that I used Inktense pencils. They're a water soluble ink that goes on as a pencil. Because I'm a sucker for illustration, and mediums I can control tightly in my hand. I don't know what it is. Using paints from a tube is exciting and all, but nothing like a pen or pencil in the hand.

So much so, my current WIP (work in progress) for my Geisha, is an illustration. I've done a mini online course on different illustration techniques, and really enjoying how that piece is developing. Not rushing it though.

More to come...


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