Geisha #7


Close up - Geisha

So I've enrolled with Skillshare - an online tutorial community. It's value for money if you want to do a lot of courses. Which I tend to do! The course I completed recently, was for Illustration. First you have to conceive a unique design, then learn the steps to bring it to life. There was no doubt, I was going to remake Geisha!

Full view

I wanted a really simple brief, so chose three points, for direction: (1) Geisha (2) Garden (3) Peacock. My whole design process, would revolve around these three points. Needless to say, coming up with an original design, is incredibly involved. 

Illustration is not like putting paint to canvas. Painting for me, is more of a spontaneous affair. Illustration, requires a story behind the scene. Then how to position those elements together, for maximum dramatic effect. I didn't realise illustration was so involved!

Close up - peacock

I lacked some of the tools, that would have made this process easier - like alcohol markers. They go down quick, over pen. Done and dusted! I only had water activated pencils though, which makes the black pen, bleed into the paper. That's what the water does. So I had to do the process in reverse, and add the colour first - let dry completely, then add the pen, over the top.

It was very time consuming. Which I seem to be very time poor, lately. I was happy to get another Geisha, made though. Not sure how much longer I will continue with this Geisha challenge. As I have a lot more creative courses to try, on Skillshare.

Until next time...cheers!


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