Inktober 2021 (7)


DAY 7 (fan)

I really loved the simplicity of this illustration. It was the first treatment of my subject, involving symbolism rather than physiology. It also involved another favourite subject of mine - Geisha! The overall design was the most straight forward I've done in the challenge yet. It came together really quickly. However, the actual turtle on the fan, was a different story.

I couldn't find a Japanese (or Chinese) print of a turtle, that looked appealing. The traditional icons made turtles look stout, with thick armoured plating and a weird tail, bearing the resemblance to a mop head. It looked more suitable as a painting hung on a dojo wall (symbolising strength) than a delicate fan for a Geisha. 

Although it doesn't look like it - I spent more time finalising the design of that wee turtle, than I did, designing and inking the rest of the entire picture. 


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