Inktober 2021 (10)


DAY 10: (pick)

I chose a plectrum with a simplified turtle emblem. Black, Teal and Magenta Inks, with a gold, gel-pen for embellishments. I was starting to see in black and white, with all these monochrome illustrations. So just wanted to a add more colour and variety, for a change.  


  1. Wow Chris! I've finally caught up with your drawings. I love them! Number 8 is my favourite, but I love the geisha, too. Glad you are enjoying it.
    We had a huge storm here last Friday and were without power for 6 days. I'll drop you an email and send you the photo of my fallen tree (not on my house, but on the chook run).

    1. Thanks for your feedback Bev. I always find it so interesting, what people connect with the most. Day 8 was one I struggled with, and yet it conveys something I didn't set out to achieve. Which is why I found I warmed to it, more. Funny how that happens. I look forward to hearing about your adventures with trees, though I do hope everyone in the chook house is safe.


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