Inktober 2021 (12 )

DAY 12 (stuck)

Now Christmas is over, I have the time to continue sharing the rest of my Inktober prompts. It's the last day of 2021, and I couldn't have picked a more perfect image to share. For my life has been turned on it's head, with a relationship suddenly ending, that I wasn't expecting to. 

If I could be a turtle, this is how I'm feeling now - leaving the old ship-wreck behind. With plenty of new things to explore. I'm looking forward to the new year, and hope you are too. 


  1. Amen to that! I love this drawing. The turtle is superb. Even the smile on its face. I sincerely hope the New Year is kinder to you than the one we've just left. And for the rest of us too.

    1. Thanks Bev, and I couldn't agree more - a kinder year for everyone!


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